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Welcome to my Your Inspiration At Home (YIAH) Monthly Highlights Newsletter. This is one of the two ways we try to help you to stay on top of the exciting developments at YIAH. The other is the Pairing Special Bulletin, which is described lower on this page, and which gives you a rapid signal on what is available every second week in this program. You will receive this as part of your Newsletter subscription.

We are all busy so I aim to keep the Highlights Newsletter short and sweet. I cover only news items of particular importance and provide only summary details. If you want more information, then for each item I give you a link to this blog, where you will find a longer explanation.

Your Inspiration At Home is growing by leaps and bounds and there are continual innovations. It’s tough to keep up with the great number of specials that are available although we try to elsewhere in this blog. This newsletter covers only specials or events which are extra-extra-special.

The Highlights newsletter is published early each month and so gives an overview of what is happening at that point in time. join our mailing listYou can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on this link to ‘join our mailing list’.   You can see past issues of the Newsletter before you sign up.  I hope you will.  I welcome feedback from you all on what should be included in future issues.



The Pairing Special Bulletin

pairing specialsOne of the great ways of enjoying the products from Your Inspiration At Home is to buy them when they are Pairing Specials. These cover the most popular products and you can purchase them at a 20% discount. The Pairing Special includes some appetizing recipes that will give you ideas on how best to use the products.

They are announced on Tuesday every second week and apply for fourteen days from the Wednesday following. It is therefore important to be aware of them promptly so that you can decide if they are for you. Given this limited time availability, it seemed helpful to give you a rapid indication of what was on offer. The Pairing Special Bulletin does exactly that.

In some months where the Pairing Special is issued close to month end, the details of the Special will be included in the Highlights Newsletter which is issued early in the month.  You will receive this Newsletter rather than having a separate Bulletin coming out almost at the same time.  Please scroll up the page to find the button where you can subscribe to these mailings.