vivianne welfordThank you for visiting.  I’m Vivianne Welford, a Canadian but born in Antwerp, Belgium.  If you’re looking for someone who can help you explore the international world of flavours then as a Founding Leader in Canada I can be your guide. If you want to do more with Your Inspiration At Home, then I will be delighted to help you achieve whatever you have in mind.

For much of my life, I worked with the Royal Bank in Québec and in British Columbia.  I took early retirement and am now embarked on careers that I find much more fulfilling and rewarding.

I have been working for some years on homeschooling for an autistic child. It’s challenging and yet inspiring and brings its own rewards. grace

One of my passions is food and I am fascinated by the world of flavours as revealed by Your Inspiration At Home (YIAH).

This organization founded in Australia is also active in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom and growing at a great pace.  It is now launched in Canada and I’m proud to be a part of the team that is growing this organization here. tia

My husband, Barry, and I live in Langley in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.  My horse, Amazing Grace, and our dog, Tia, are also a big part of my life. Langley is part of the Metro Vancouver region and is situated some 55 km southeast of the centre of Vancouver.  It is also about 20 km from the new Canadian warehouse for YIAH in Surrey, BC. It’s a great place to explore the outdoors, whenever time allows.

Please get in touch with me if I can help you explore and benefit from the many tasting opportunities that YIAH offers.  A great way to start is to host a Your Inspiration at Home “tasting” party in your home for your friends and family and I can help you do that.  They will have a lot of fun and you can receive a number of free and half-priced products.

If you find that the YIAH spices will play an increasing part in your culinary adventures, you may well wish to take the next step and ‘Join the Team‘.  That can involve as much or as little time and effort as you wish to spend.

If you would like your own way of getting inspirational products from Your Inspiration At Home on a regular basis, then perhaps the Flavour Stack is something you should explore. This way every month you get some YIAH products and the recipes that involve them delivered right to your kitchen.

Whichever way works for you, you’ll be getting those spices you need at fabulous prices and you’ll be connected with the YIAH family for all those great cooking inspirations.  Contact me if I can help in any way.