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the flavour stack website yiahThe innovative new auto-ship program for spices called The Flavour Stack™ was launched worldwide in September 2015 and was unveiled at Your Inspiration At Home’s annual convention in Gold Coast Australia.  This article describes the program and you will find a link to subscribe either by clicking on the image to the right or at the bottom of the page after you have reviewed the information here.

For more specific information on how the program operates, you will find the FAQs and User Notes page is of help.

Current time in
Brisbane, Australia

The current Flavour Stack of the Month can be seen by clicking here.  If you are viewing this before the 5th of the month when your choice must be confirmed, then this will be the Flavour Stack of the Month to be delivered this month. Please note that the Flavour Stack program is based on the time in Brisbane, Australia, as shown in the clock to the right. This is 14 hours Ahead of Eastern Daylight Savings Time in North America and 17 hours ahead of Pacific Time. Any changes you wish to make to your program or if you wished to terminate your subscription must be made before 12:00 midnight on the 5th of the month on Brisbane, Australia time.  Brisbane does not apply Daylight Savings Time at any time in the year.

The Flavour Stack program delivers packs of pre-arranged “pods” and recipe cards directly to customers’ homes every month. The plastic pods contain the exact portion of Your Inspiration At Home spices, dukkahs, or dip mixes needed to make the included recipes. All you need to do is pick up the fresh ingredients and follow the recipe that is included. It could not be easier.

Recipes provided for you in The Flavour Stack are all uncomplicated and easy-to-make meals. Here are some of the top of the mind questions you may have.
  • What is a Flavour Stack? A Flavour Stack contains the recipes and flavour products for 4 meals. Each delicious meal  will feed at least 4 people.
  • What is in the Flavour Stack?  In your Flavour Stack, you will find 4 smaller boxes, each containing 3 meal-sized pods for a particular recipe. Each pod contains up to 3 tablespoons of  a particular YIAH product.  You also will find the recipe cards for the 4 meals including the shopping lists of the other ingredients you will need. In total you are receiving up to 12 different YIAH flavour products.
  • How many meals can you make with a Flavour Stack? There is a minimum of 4 meals in each Flavour Stack.  Some Flavour Stacks provide extra ideas for any leftover flavour products you may have.
  • What does Autoship mean? How does it work? Each month you will receive delicious meal ideas complete with recipes, shopping list and all the spices required for you to make your own gourmet meals at home. You have the option to select your own Stacks each month, or we will send out our Flavour Stack of The Month automatically should changes not be made before the 5th of the month.

flavour stack subscribe If you have any questions, please contact me.  The following flyer shows some more information on the Flavour Stack program.  

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When you are ready to enjoy this great program,  you can visit the Flavour Stack website to subscribe.