Pay by credit-card, Paypal or email

paypal yiah
If you purchase products through the YIAH website, then you can use most credit cards and Virtual Visa Debit cards. If you prefer to use PayPal (in all countries where YIAH operates) or would like to use an email transfer of funds (in Canada), then we can help you.

For an email transfer, please Contact Me and we can discuss how this should be done.

If you wish to purchase products using PayPal, then please complete the form below (* indicates a field you must complete).

I will then contact you to tell you the cost of your purchase. When you are happy with the proposed purchase, then I will send you a PayPal invoice for what is owed in your currency. Once the funds have been received from PayPal, then your order will be submitted immediately through the YIAH online store. In some cases, I may have the products in my own stock and can fulfil your order more rapidly.

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