Complete List of the Your Inspiration At Home Pairings Specials

pairings special intro
Below you will find a complete list of all the YIAH products which have been included in the weekly and  biweekly Pairing Specials.

Clicking on the link at the left will take you to the blog post that describes the particular Pairing Special. Click here if you wish to see the Current Pairing Special.

The first seven in the series were numbered as Weeks rather than Volumes. The remainder in 2015 were numbered as Volumes.  The first in 2016 was listed as Volume 1. Since then in 2016 each Pairing Special is listed as Vol 2 Wk2 and so on.

Each entry includes a link to the recipes that were listed for the particular Pairing Special products at that time.  In all cases these recipes are available as PDF versions that you can see or print if you so wish by clicking on the link at the right.

You may find it useful to bookmark this page so that you can return to it from time to time whenever you are looking for what you can make with a particular Your Inspiration At Home product. If you like to stay on top of what is on offer each time then make sure to subscribe to the Pairing Special Bulletin.