yiah fundraising contact As you can see from the Your Inspiration at Home website, YIAH is a global supporter of worthwhile charities.  If you are involved with a local fundraising school, sports team or other organization then I will be most happy to work with you on using the YIAH products in your fundraising activities.

Everyone loves the products so it is easy to get your donors to support your activities with these attractive purchases.  While helping you, they’re helping themselves.  Here below you can see the key factors that will help your organization achieve great results.

I will be delighted to work with you on this exciting program that Your Inspiration at Home makes available for fundraising organizations.  Contact me early so that we can ensure the maximum success for your fundraising activities.

There is a stunning brochure that gives you full details of the products your team can be selling.  By clicking on the images below, you can see larger versions of these, which are PDF files you can print.  As you can see, these are some of the most popular products that Your Inspiration At Home sell and they come from around the world.

yiah fundraising brochure
There are 12 Dip Mixes and full details are given in the page below.

Delicious Dip Mixes (12)

  • Bay of Bengal Curry >> A taste of India
  • Beetroot >> A taste of Australia
  • Classic Olde World Herb & Garlic >> A taste of Italy
  • Country Onion & Chives >> A taste of USA
  • Guacamole >> A taste of Mexico
  • Louisiana Creole >> A taste of USA
  • Meze >> A taste of Turkey
  • Smokehouse BBQ >> A taste of USA
  • Tomato & Herb >> A taste of Italy
  • Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto >> A taste of Italy
  • Tzatziki >> A taste of Greece
  • Wasabi and Chives >> A taste of Japan
fundraiser canada products 1

There are also six Spice Blends and three Chocolate Powders. Again you’ll find full details in the page below.

Spice Blends (6)

  • Aussie Roast >> A taste of Australia
  • Fajita Spice >> A taste of Mexico
  • Grill Master >> A taste of USA
  • Roma Italian >> A taste of Italy
  • Sri Lankan Coconut >> A taste of Sri Lanka
  • Taco Spice >> A taste of Mexico

Chocolate Powders (3)

  • Chocolate Raspberry Truffle >> A taste of France
  • Chocolate Orange >> A taste of Australia
  • Dark Mint Chocolate >> A taste of Spain
fundraiser canada products 2

yiah fundraising contact If you want to use Your Inspiration At Home products in a Fundraising activity for your organization, then please Contact Me so that we can get things rolling together.