Your Inspiration At Home spices do not stay on the shelf

Your Inspiration At Home products are available from my stock at 50% off regular prices and can be shipped to Canada and the USA.

michael mcintyre spices
As Michael McIntyre points out in the video below, many people buy spices and then leave them on their kitchen shelf. That will not be the case if you buy products from Your Inspiration At Home. With their wonderful flavours and extremely high quality, you can become an outstanding chef.

Unfortunately YIAH has not been operating in the recent past. If that has prevented you from getting your favourite products, then I may be able to help. I have stock for some favourite products and they can be shipped either to Canada or the USA. Click here for complete details on how you can order products. The good news is that they are being sold at 50% of the regular price. All sales are in Canadian dollars so for our US customers, that brings an additional benefit.

With these products and prices, you can avoid the unfortunate situation that Michael McIntyre describes with such humour in the following video.

… and if you’re looking for a Chinese Five Spice blend that will not stay long on your spice shelf, then we still have one or two in stock from Your Inspiration At Home. Click here for the full list of what we have in stock at 50% off prices.

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