Double Benefits for Hosts for Your Inspiration At Home Tastings in January 2017

Double Host Rewards AUS CAN USA
yiah special not available If you have been thinking about hosting a Tasting Party, then January is the month to do it!!  The specials for this month give the host double benefits so don’t wait, book now while there is room available. Contact me for more information and to set up your party or your workshop.

People just love the products they can receive from Your Inspiration at Home (YIAH).  They only have to taste or smell them and they will be hooked.  You can treat your friends to these great tastes by hosting a Your Inspiration at Home “Tasting”. I can help you do this easily and I will provide any of the must-have items you may need.

You will have a most enjoyable experience and your friends will love you for it.  In addition you will get even more free and half-priced items based on the total of whatever is sold in the party. The following table explains this. Clicking on the image will open a PDF version that you can print.

Double Host Rewards AUS CAN USA

In addition, for both you as host and for your guests there are other bonuses they can pick up.  Click on these images to see bigger versions of these flyers.

HOST January 2017 AUS CAN USA
JAN Guest Specials AUS CAN USA


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